Ultrasound - An Alternative Visualization Method In Newborns With Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Yampolskaya E. N., Trufanov G. E.

Purpose. To assess diagnostic accuracy of lung ultrasound (US) in newborns with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). Materials and methods. A total of 78 newborns with no signs of respiratory insufficiency and 22 newborns with the clinical signs of RDS were diagnosed. Results. In the group of 22 healthy newborns multiple densely grouped B-lines and no A-lines, thickened pleural line with irregular contour were found. In subpleural area in 17 newborns lung consolidations with the air bronchogram sign were detected. Conclusion. US is an easy to perform bedside test that can be repeated several times a day, as it is safe for a patient and for doctor. Lung US is an accurate and reliable test for RDS diagnostics.
Almazov National Medical Research Centre. Saint Petersburg, Russia.







Keywords:ultrasound (US), lung, newborns.


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For citation: Yampolskaya E. N., Trufanov G. E. Ultrasound - an alternative visualization method in newborns with respiratory distress syndrome. REJR 2017; 7(4):83-89. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2017-7-4-83-89.

Received: 27.11.2017 Accepted: 11.12.2017