Arablinskiy A.V.1,2, Magdebura Yu.A.1

Purpose. Evaluation of the morbidity structure and demonstration CT-semiotics of the main diseases in patients with nontraumatic acute abdomen. Materials and methods. 905 studies of the abdomen performed in 2016 in the State Clinical Hospital named after S.P. Botkin in patients with acute abdomen. The studies were con-ducted natively, with contrasting per os, with intravenous enhancement, depending on the expected pathology. Results. The most common causes of acute abdomen were: acute intestinal obstruc-tion (27%), pancreatitis (9%), urolithiasis and its complications (8%), oncology directly and its complications (7%), inflammatory changes in the gallbladder and diliary ducts (4%), inflam-matory changes in the kidneys (3%). Also significant weight in the structure of morbidity was perforation of the bowel (2.5%), mesenteric thrombosis (2%), extraorganic inflammatory changes (2%). Only 5% of cases failed to reliably detect signs of a pathological process in the presence of a clinical picture. The main characteristics of the risk group for the emergence of acute abdominal pathology, such as the age of 32-67 years, the male sex, are revealed. A more detailed analysis of risk factors within the statistically most significant nosological groups was also carried out. The diagnostic efficiency index of multislice computed tomogra-phy (CT) for the above diseases varied from 95% to 97%, the sensitivity and specificity of the method depending on the disease were 95-97.8% and 93.2-97%, respectively, p> 0.05.

1 - S.P. Botkin City Clini-cal Hospital. 2 - Sechenov University. Moscow, Russia.


Keywords: medical imaging, CT, acute abdominal pain, emergency.


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For citation: Arablinskiy A.V., Magdebura Yu.A. CT in the diagnosis of nontraumatic acute abdomen. REJR 2018; 8(2):58-71. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2018-8-2-58-71.

Received: 27.12.2017 Accepted: 02.02.2018