Iliac veins stenting in may-thurner syndrome

Iliac veins stenting in may-thurner syndrome

Akhmetzyanov R.V., Fomina E.E., Bredikchin R.A., Tukhbatullin М.G.

The article presents the experience of iliac vein stenting in May-Thurner syndrome. Endovascular treatment of patients with this pathology requires further research.

Purpose. To research aspects of endovascular treatment of patients with post-thrombotic disease of the lower extremities and associated with her varicose veins of the pelvis on the background of the syndrome May-Thurner.

Materials and methods. The results of endovascular treatment of 16 patients with May-Thurner syndrome in the stage of thrombotic complications are presented. Varicose pelvic disease was detected in 8 patients of the study.

Results. The technical success of stenting was 100%. Thrombotic OC-clusion of the stent in the perioperative period was diagnosed in 1 patient, in the near postoperative period-in 2. In the long term all stents are open. The decrease in the global quality of life index for the CIVIQ and PVVQ questionnaires was 28.8 (p<0.05) and 18.4 (p<0.05) points, respectively. The results of the reduction of the median total score on the scale assessing the severity of the disease the following: scale VCSS – 6.7 points (p<0.05), the scale Villaltа – 7.8 points (p<0.05), the scale PVCSS of 8.1 points (p<0.05), visual analogue scale – 25.8 points (p<0.05).

Discussion. May-Thurner syndrome was verified only at the stage of surgical treatment. Be-fore the occurrence of phlebothrombosis was not diagnosed due to the absence of complaints and clinical manifestations. In this regard, in patients with symptoms of venous insufficiency of the left lower limb, in the absence of venous pathology below the inguinal fold, it is necessary to more widely use high-precision research methods for diagnosis.

Conclusion. The effectiveness of this surgery is due to the clinical improvement and increase in the quality of life of patients.

1 - Kazan state medical university, Department of cardiovascular and endovascular surgery.

2 - Kazan state medical academy, Branch of the russian medical academy of continuing pro-fessional education, US-department.

Kazan, Russia


Keywords: syndrome May-Thurner, post-thrombotic syndrome, varicose veins of the pelvis, the iliac veins stenting.

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For citation: Akhmetzyanov R.V., Fomina E.E., Bredikchin R.A., Tukhbatullin М.G. Iliac veins stenting in may-thurner syndrome. REJR 2019; 9(2):141-149. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2019-9-2-141-149.


Received:        17.04.19 Accepted:       15.05.19