Myakoshina E.B.

Helmholtz Moscow Research Institute of Eye Diseases. Moscow, Russian Federation.

Small choroidal melanoma - a malignant tumor, which is one of the most common intraocular tumors. Currently, there are works of it diagnosis, but an analysis of its features on the basis of a complex tool laser techniques has not yet been carried out in comparison with fluorescence angiography, optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence at a considerable clinical material.

Purpose. To analyze the diagnostic significant symptoms of small uveal melanoma using ophthalmoscopy, fluorescence angiography, optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence in a comparative perspective.


Materials and methods. A total of 344 patients with small uveal melanoma were examined. Ophthalmological methods, ophthalmoscopy, fluorescence angiography, optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence were carried out.

Results. Own vessels of the tumor in small uveal melanoma were angiographically diagnosed more often (57.4%) than ophthalmoscopically (4.9%), p <0.001. Intra- and subretinal fluid over small uveal melanoma and in contiguous zone were tomographycally detected more frequently (92.7% and 60.8%, respectively, p <0.001) compared to other diagnostic techniques. A distant tumor-associated maculopathy was found only in optical coherence tomography in 77.8% of cases. Disorganization of the retinal pigment epithelium in small uveal melanoma was diagnosed by ophthalmoscopy (82.6%), angiography (88.7%), optical coherence tomography (80.5%) more often in comparison with autofluorescence (42.9%), p <0.001. The presence of lipofuscin (orange or brown pigment) is possible to visualize using any of the diagnostic methods (ophthalmoscopy, fluorescence angiography, optical coherence tomography and autofluorescence).

Conclusions. Thus, each of the existing diagnostic methods more or less contributes in small uveal melanoma diagnosis. Using the integrated studies with the help of all laser methods allows detecting a malignant tumor with greater accuracy and reliability in order to provide further adequate treatment.

Keywords: small uveal melanoma, fluorescence angiography, optical coherence tomography, autofluorescence.

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For citation: Myakoshina E.B. Complex laser diagnostics of early choroidal melanoma.

REJR. 2016; REJR. 2016; 6 (4):19-28. DOI:10.21569/2222-7415-2016-6-4-19-28.128-132.


Received: : 06.11.2016 Accepted: 21.11.2016