Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear colleagues, friends!

The third year of our Electronic Journal has started! The number of subscribers has exceeded 3000!!

We have planned to release four issues of the journal and supplement this year, which would contain National Congress materials. Having considered your comments we decided first time ever to place the articles accepted for publishing under separate headings of the journal supplement to make the work with materials of the Congress more convenient (more information on the Congress website http://www.radiology-congress.ru/).

The issues of the journal will be both monothematic and mixed this year. So, we have planned to release issues, dedicated to the study of the heart and blood vessels, and diagnostic problems in oncology.

Special attention will be paid to the quality of master classes that are held by the leading experts of this country. The analysis of your letters and statistics of the reference to the materials of the journal and website shows that the presentation of the material in the form of master classes is in high demand by our readers. In regard to this observation, the editorial board has considered increasing the number of published master classes. We hope that we will be able to place two master classes in several issues this year.

Traditionally, every new issue of the journal is distributed to the regular subscribers in the first place. The issues become available to all the visitors of our website after 2 months. We are going to continue this practice in 2013.

We have moved to the next year. Life goes on and poses new challenges. I would be grateful to all our readers who will write their suggestions and comments on the work of the journal, the website and the quality of materials to the editorial board.
Dear colleagues, I am sure we have chosen the right direction for development of our journal. I hope that the year of 2013 will be as successful as the previous two.

We are looking forward to your new letters and suggestions, so that we can continuously improve the structure and the quality of the journal.

We look forward to working with you!

Sincerely yours,
Editor in Chief REJR, S.Ternovoy.


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