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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear colleagues, friends!


The 2022 has come! It turned out to be unexpected that the COVID-19 pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2 has not only not stabilized and is not decreasing, but also shows records of morbidity. And if there are slightly fewer hospitalizations and patients with lung damage, then delayed damage to target organs seems to be gaining momentum. In this regard, we will continue the section devoted to the visualization of COVID-associated lung changes and the use of radiology methods investigating damage to other organs. We appeal to our colleagues to send scientific materials on this topic.

Of course, we will continue to publish original articles, case studies and scientific reviews on various aspects of our specialty.

I must once again draw the attention of the authors – the number of articles that we reject or send for processing does not decrease. This makes the work of the editorial board and the entire staff of the journal very difficult. And, very importantly, it lengthens the publication time of materials.

Dear readers of REJR, we are waiting for your feedback, questions and suggestions on the work of the journal.


Thank you for being with us.

With respect,


Academician S.K. Ternovoy.


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