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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear colleagues, friends!


2023 year is ending!

The 13th year of our journal's life is coming to an end. These have been interesting and difficult years. At first, the idea of ​​creating first professional electronic magazine in the country appeared and was discussed by me, Natalya Sergeevna Serova and Mikhail Semenovich Kesler. We became the official founders of REJR magazine. Over time, I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University was included to the founders of magazine. There were many doubts  whether a professional magazine only in electronic form published (or rather distributed) would be of any interest. I remember well how difficult it was to publish issues of the magazine for the first two years. Not many scientists and researchers trusted us with their materials. The authors posed the question this way: “Are you included in the Higher Attestation Commission list? If not, then sorry, but we need an official publication. However, the magazine gradually gained professional “weight” and more and more high-quality articles began to appear. The fact that until the end of 2013, all magazine covers were made individually helped a little too. The author of these covers was Mikhail Semenovich Kesler. One of the covers was prepared by Natalya Sergeevna Serova. These covers caught the attention of readers and got good reviews!

All these years, a small group of employees from the Radiology department of Sechenov University has been working on the issues of the journal, and the editorial board and editorial council include many leading scientists from our country and from abroad. I am grateful to the First Deputy of Editor-in-Chief, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Natalya Sergeevna Serova, for the enthusiasm and enormous work that she puts into creating issues all these years. Great assistance is provided by the Deputy of Editor-in-Chief, Professor R.F. Bakhtiozin and S.A. Kondrashin, professor of the department V.P. Sedov and A.V. Arablinsky, associate professors O.Yu. Pavlova and A.A. Babkova, our assistants and our graduates A.A. Lisavin, A.S. Abnizov, D.A. Vershinin, E.V. Evseeva and many others. All of them either take an active part in proofreading, translation into English, layout of issues or actively participate in reviewing some of the articles. And, of course, a tribute to my friend who left us, the famous professor Anatoly Ilyich Shekhter, who was the Deputy of Editor-in-Chief and invested a lot of effort in popularizing of the journal.

Now that the journal has received wide recognition, is cited in the Russian Science Citation Index, Scopus, and is included in the list of Higher Attestation Commission journals in which it is necessary to publish materials on candidate and doctoral dissertations, we can state that we have achieved our goals.

Life moves forward and it’s time to give way to young and active creators! By agreement with the founders and by unanimous vote of the editorial board members, Professor Natalya Sergeevna Serova has been announced as the Editor-in-Chief of REJR since 2024!

I am absolutely sure that the magazine is celebrating its 14th year of publication in the prime of its creative powers and with new ideas!

I express my sincere gratitude to all members of the editorial board and editorial council, everyone who constantly works on our project, all the authors and readers.

I am confident that our journal will continue to meet the high requirements of a professional scientific publication and we will all keep the quality of the journal at the highest level!





Honoured Scientist of Rusian Federation,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,


Sergey K. Ternovoy.


Dear friends, colleagues!

The year 2023 has begun!

This is the 13th year that we are releasing our magazine. I am very glad that the journal, which was published only in electronic format for the first time in our country, has received wide recognition! In my appeal to the readers, published in the first issue of the journal (Vol. 1. No. 1. 2011), I wrote: “... Now you are holding in your hands the first issue of the journal, which ... and so on. But you do not hold anything in your hands! There is no paper magazine that smells of fresh paint, so familiar to us. It is impossible to quickly scroll through the magazine, to glance at the articles’ titles, the names of the authors, illustrations ... Now you just received an e-mail! You receive dozens of emails a day! But this is an unusual letter. Behind it you will see a new electronic magazine of our favorite specialty…”

We did not know how our project would develop, but we understood that time dictates new forms of conveying information and knowledge to the reader! And today I state with great pleasure that we were not mistaken! We have over 5.000 regular readers. The magazine is regularly published 4 times a year. We publish up to 100-120 original articles, clinical cases, literature reviews on current topics, lectures and articles on the history of our specialty. We receive a lot of interesting papers from abroad – Great Britain, Mexico, India, Iraq, Indonesia, Tunisia and others. This is enormous and hard job, and I am very grateful to my colleagues, members of the editorial board, editorial committee and technical specialists – all the work on admission, registration, blind review, text verification and translation into English, typesetting, mailing to subscribers and transfer to the website are performed exclusively on a voluntary basis!

And these are the results – our journal is being cited in the Scopus database and received the highest rating – category "K1" in the Russian citation system developed by the Higher attestation commission of the Russian Federation (Letter of the Higher attestation commission of the Ministry of science and higher education of the Russian Federation No. 02-1198, dated 06.12.2022). We have officially switched to publishing articles on the new cipher of our changed specialty – «Code of specialty: 01.14.13 – Radiology, radiation therapy (medical sciences) from 28.12.2018 to 16.10.2022. Specialty code: 3.1.25. – Radiology (medical sciences) since 13.10.2022» (

I offer my sincere gratitude to everyone who works on our project, to all the authors and readers. I am sure that we will decently respond to the challenges of the time and will keep the quality of the magazine at the highest level!

As usual, we are waiting for your letters with articles, wishes and comments. Together we will make our magazine better.



Honoured Scientist,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

S.K. Ternovoy.