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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear colleagues, friends!


There has come 2017 - the seventh year of the life of our magazine. I am glad that the magazine is popular among a wide range of radiographers, radiologists, specialists in ultrasound and intravascular diagnostics.

All articles in the magazine are available and are in free access for everyone. On the day of release of the latest issue subscribers receive it by e-mail, and on the same day all the material in its entirety are posted on our website. Electronic magazine format allows us to not be limited to the strict frameworks of the number of submitted material. In every issue we publish more than 10 original articles, scientific reviews, case studies, as well as announcements of major professional events. It makes our magazine a unique edition in Radiology.

The picture material quality is consistently high, and, as you know, we place in the magazine not only pictures, but video-materials. Master classes in video format, which we present in each edition, became our "visit card"! This scientific-educational project is interesting not only for beginners, but also experienced professionals, since all have the opportunity to interactively listen the lectures from top professors in different areas of our specialty.

Since 2015 REJR magazine is included in the list of High Attestation Commission of peer-reviewed scientific publications, which should be published basic scientific results of dissertations for the degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the degree of Doctor of Science. And with the end of 2016, the magazine is indexed in bibliographic and abstract Scopus database. Scopus database is positioned Elsevier Publishing Corporation as the world's largest universal abstracts database with tracking scientific publications citation. Now, all articles published in the journal, are "seen" to a large number of readers in all countries all over the world.

The editorial board meets all the requirements for ethical review by the provisions and recommended by the international professional community. There is detailed information at the magazine's website about the rules for authors of materials in the direction of the revision and the order of registration articles. You can contact us using the listed at the magazine's website ( e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

Dear friends! We are glad to cooperate and hope that together with you we are to make the magazine even better!

Editor in Chief

Sergey Ternovoy


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