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Letter From the Editor

Терновой Сергей Константинович

Dear friends, colleagues!


The year 2021 is over. It was a difficult year for our society and, of course, for the work of our journal. The year 2022 is coming!

Over the past year, according to the plan, we have released 4 issues of our journal (Volume 11, No. 1-4, 2021). A total of 86 articles were published, of which 7 articles are devoted to various aspects of diagnosis and monitoring of changes in coronavirus infection.

We all hoped that the end of 2021 will be the end of the column for articles on visualization and monitoring of the changes we face as a result of the pandemic. Quite recently, it seemed that the pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 has stabilized in the world and Russia. However, the situation remains unclear and tense. We decided to continue publishing articles on diagnostics of COVID-associated lung damage and the use of radiological methods for diagnostics of target organ damage. We will support the heading "COVID-19: what a radiologist needs to know" until the end of the pandemic.

And, of course, we will continue to publish original articles, case reports, scientific reviews and lectures.

Dear authors, I once again draw your attention to the fact that the number of articles that we send for revision has increased significantly. Sometimes several times. At the same time, the editorial board often receives materials made in a "free" style without meeting the requirements that REJR imposes on articles.

Once again, I appeal to the authors, please try to follow the rules established by the journal for the preparation and submission of articles ( ). This will allow the editorial board and editorial staff to process incoming articles more quickly.

As always, we are waiting for feedback from our readers, questions and suggestions on the work of the journal.


Happy New Year 2022!

I wish all authors and readers good health, active creativity, satisfaction from their activities and from life!

Happy New Year!


Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences

S. K. Ternovoy


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