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Dear friends, colleagues!

I would like to introduce you our third issue of e-journal in 2016 year. As you can see from the content list, this issue is opened with a big lecture by one of the leading specialist in echocardiography – professor V.P. Sedov, dedicated to emergency echocardiography. This is an important question... More...

Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 6 No.3 2016) of our paper:


Echocardiography in emergencies
Sedov V.P.

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Complex radiological diagnosis of osteonecrosis in desomorphine dependence patients at the pre- and postoperative stages of treatment
Babkova A.A.

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Usage of modern methods of neuro visualization and three-dimensional navigation during neuro endovascular interventions
Gegenava B.B.
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Сomparison of coronary stenosis degree сomparison of coronary stenosis degree measurements with computed tomography, intravascular ultrasound and coronary angiography
Shabanova M.S.

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MSCT protocol in midface trauma diagnostics
Pavlova O.Yu, Serova N.S.

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CT guided cervical nerve root injections as a treatment of acute brachalgia - technique and management considerations for radiologists
Butt S., Jadun C.K.

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Clinical laboratory aspects of ultrasound scanning in assessment of brachiocephalic arteries among elderly individuals
Zubarev A.R., Krivosheeva N.V., Rychkova I.V., Demidova A.K., Sharashkina N.V.

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Role of computed tomography in detection of vulnerable coronary plaques in comparison with intravascular ultrasound
Ternovoy S.K., Shabanova M.S., Gaman S.A., Merkulova I.N., Shariya M.A.
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The problems of expert grade analysis of metastases on skeleton scintigrams in combination with histogram and texture analysis
Savin S.Z., Kosyh N.Je., Potapova T.P., Eremenko A.V.

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The role of innovative digital techniques in optimization of hospital radiology (experience of PACS introduction)
Kamyshanskaya I.G.

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Quality assurance of high-tech x-ray diagnostic equipment in the condition of use
Zelikman M.I.

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Spleen volume evolution in course of acth-ectopic syndrome due to pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor liver metastases. A case report and literature review
Shorikov M.A., Sergeeva O.N., Virshke E.R., Panov V.O., Dolgushin B.I.

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The combination of non-invasive instrumental techniques in the diagnosis of left ventricular non-compact myocardium in pregnant women
Doroshenko D.A., Prints G.D., Lebedeva A.Y., Kondrashova E.A., Zubarev A.A., Nickolskiy C.E.
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Primary breast tuberculosis: a case study
Travina M.L., Popov A.G., Murtazalieva A.A.
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Abscess of anterior epidural space at the level of the cervical spine
Krotov G.O., Chernikov A.N., Belyachkov D.O..
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