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Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 5 No. 4 2015) of our paper:


Possibilities of cone-beam computed tomography in the evaluation of changes in dental hard tissues and periodontium within pathological abrasion
Khomutova Ye.Yu., Grigorovich E.Sh., Lukiyanova Ye.N., Karagozyan Ya.S., Bekk T.A.

Complex radiological diagnosis of osteonecrosis in desomorphine dependence patients
Serova N.S., Babkova A.A., Kureshova D.N., Pasha S.P., Basin E.M

Diagnostic value of virtual laryngoscopy
Manakova Ya.L., Nikolaeva E.P., Garshina E.V., Dergilev A.P.

Magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of the anatomical structures of the upper airway in obese patients with different degrees of obstructive sleep apnea
Butorova E.A., Shariya M.A., Litvin A.Yu., Ustyuzhanin D.V.

The role of multislice computed tomography in current diagnostics of pulmonary artery thromboembolism
Khayt G.Ya., Epanov V.A., Rebus M.A., Rymarevich L.V., Lukidy M.I./p>

The New Ultrasound Technologies In The Assessment Of The Intraplacental Vasculature
Zubarev A.R., Dobrokhotova Yu. Je., Zalesskaya S.A., Zubareva E.A., Demidova A.K., Кoreev А.L.

Magnetic resonance imaging in management and evaluation of the treatment efficiency in inflammatory myocardial damage.
SHelkovnikova T.A., Aptekar V.D., Rogovskaia IU.V., Bogunetckii A.A., Pushnikova Е.IU., Usov V.IU.

Assessment of left ventricle diastolic function in patients with a connective tissue dysplasia syndrome of the heart using the TEI index.
Fomenko E.V., Tkachenko S.B., Beresten N.F., Pavochkina E.S.

Algorithm selection procedures exposure choose the method of irradiation in patients with lung cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
Anikeeva O.Yu., Kizhaev E.V., Filatov P.V., Pashkovskaya O.A., Polovnikov E.S.

The programm for comprehensive use of various radiological methods in case of "acute abdomen". Possibilities and importance of plain x-ray examination
Beresneva E.A.

The masses of the neck: carotid artery aneurysm and abscess of the soft tissues
Zhestovskaya S.I., Evdokimova E.Y., Lebedeva E.V., Tiumentcev N.V.

Clinical case of acute sphenoiditis in practice of the neurologist
Nesterova S.V., Savintseva Zh.I.

In Memory Igor Petrovich Korolyuk

IV congress of radiologists of siberian federal region

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