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Dear friends, colleagues!

I want to congratulate you with the 6th year of our cooperative work! As you know since December 2015 Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology has been included in the list of journals that were recommended by Higher Attestation Commission for publishing of candidate and doctoral dissertation works...

Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 6 No.1 2016) of our paper:


Diagnostic imaging (roentgenology and radiology) in the mirror of national art, literature and other forms of artistic creativity
Shekhter A. I.

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X-ray diagnostics of the facial bones dysplasia
Arzhantsev A.P.
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Magnetic resonanse imaging of the temporomandibular joints using standart head Coil
Ignat’ev Yu.T., Khomutova Ye.Yu., Savchenko R.K.
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Possibility of digital tomosynthesis in the diagnosis of various forms of pulmonary tuberculosis
Nikitin M.M.

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Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography in clinical practice. Comparative evaluation of radiology diagnostic methods and magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography influence in inpatient surveillance
Brodetskiy B.M., Ternovoy S.K., Dibirov M.D., Domarev L.V.

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X-ray signs of spinal column distrophic changes within normal and decreased bone mineral density
Volkov A.A., Belosel’sky N.N., Pribytkov Yu.N.

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Dynamic contrast-enhanced mri in patients with peripheral artery disease
Sinkevich N.S., Stukalova O.V., Butorova E.A., Maslennikov M.A., Talitskiy K.A., Bulkina O.S., Karpov Yu.A., Ternovoy S.K.
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Potential of ultrasound examination with elastography in the diagnosis of rectal cancer and its recurrence
Sandalevskaya A.G., Minko B.A., Zhabina R. M., Korytova L.I.

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The value of ultrasonographic assessment of cervical length in complex diagnostics of threatening preterm birth in pregnant women with dilated cardiomyopathy syndrome
Van A.V., Doroshenko D.A., Lapochkina O.B., Konisheva O.V., Zubarev A.R., Prints G.D., Dobrokhotova Yu. Je.

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Modern system of mammary gland diagnostic
Rozhkova N. I.

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HIFU-ablation – long-term treatment results of the uterine fibroids
Berlim Yu.D., Dombrovskiy V.I., Isaev A.Yu., Mineev N.I., Voloshin V.V., Paleniy A.I.

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Multiple myeloma with extraosseous complication: a case report
Belyaev G.Yu., Poryadina O.V., Olina O.A.

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Case reports multidetector computed tomographic arteriography with concomitant multidetector computed tomographic portography for preoperative staging of locally advanced pancreatic cancer
Usova E.V., Karmazanovsky G.G., Chzhao А.V., Cigankov V.N., Tarbaeva N.V., Varava A.B., Filippova E.M.

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Grant of the President of the Russian Federation for the goverment support of young russian sci-entists - doctors of sciences (2016-2017)

X Anniversary Russian national Congress of Radiology “Radiology 2016”
IV Congress of radiologists of Siberian federal region

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