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Volume 10 №4 2020

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tern1 Dear Colleagues!

You have received the next, fourth, issue of the Russian Electronic Journal of Radiology in 2020 (Volume 10, № 4, 2020). This issue includes 11 original scientific articles, a lecture, 5 literature reviews and 5 clinical cases on various subjects of radiology. As you know, the global pandemic of the corona virus infection COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus is far from over.

Chief editor, Professor, MD Ternovoy S.K.

In this issue (Volume 10 №4 2020) of our paper:


Comparison of radiology use in the management of COVId-19 patients in different countries of the world
Serova N.S., Pshenichnikova E.S., Shebunina A.B

Bacterial pneumonia complicating SARS-COV-2: computed tomography aspects
Abovich Yu.A., Bronov O.Yu., Gusarov V.G., Teplykh B.A., Kamyshova D.A., Solomannikov V.M

Experience of ultrasound application in diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia
Fazilov A.A., Normuradova N.M., Alimardanov O.R.

Dynamics of changes in the acute period and long-term results of chest CT in patients with COVID-19 pneumonia
Belkind M.A., Gaman S.A., Stukalova O.V., Ternovoy S.K.


Differential diagnosis of non-traumatic acute brain diseases in the emergency department using CT and MRI
Arablinskii A.V.


Multivoxel 3D magnetic resonance spectroscopy and positron emission tomography with 11C-methionine in the preoperative diagnosis of high-grade gliomas (pilot study)
Tyurina A.N., Vikhrova N.B., Batalov A.I., Fadeeva L.M., Konakova T.A., Mertsalova M.P., Pronin I.N

Differential diagnosis of the thyroid follicular tumors
Timofeeva L.A., Aleshina T.N., Aleksandrov Yu.K.

X-ray evaluation of calcification of the distal sections of target coronary arteries to determine the surgical approach of coronary artery bypass grafting
Shiryaev A.A., Mayorov G.B., Vasiliev V.P., Galayutdinov D.M., Goncharenko D.N.,
Fedotenkov I.S., Akchurin R.S., Ternovoy S.K.

Magnetic resonance contrast-enhanced imaging of the aortic wall as risk index for acute ischemic cerebral stroke in patients with resistant arterial hypertension
Ussov W.Yu., Ryumshina N.I., Bagriy A.E., Sukhareva A.E., Maksimova A.S.,
Sinitsyn V.E., Falkovskaya A.Yu., Mordovin V.F., Belichenko O.I.

Visual assessment of 18f-fluorodeoxyglucose PET/CT results in the diagnosis of infectious process in heart and vessels after cardiovascular interventions
Aslanidis I.P., Pursanova D.M, Mukhortova O.V., Shurupova I.V., Ekaeva I.V.,
Katunina T.A., Trifonova T.A.

Endovascular diagnostics and retriveal of postcatheteric foreign bodies of cardiovascular system in children
Komissarov M.I., Komissarov I.A., Aleshin I.U.

Ultrasound diagnosis of borderline ovarian tumors: literature data and authors’ research
Vostrov A.N., Stepanov S.O., Mitina L.A., Novikova E.G., Malsagova Kh.R., Kaprin A.D.

Multiparametric ultrasound examination of the fetus and extra-embryonic structures for forecasting the outcome of pregnancy in the fetus
Pomortsev A.V., Dyachenko Yu.Yu., Matosyan M.A., Yatsukov A.V.

MR-biomarker of bone marrow in children with acute lymphoblast leukemia
Kriventsova N.A., Kupriyanov D.A. , Menshchikov P.E., Teresсhenko G.V.

Fetal pulmonary biometry in congenital diaphragmal hernia using MRI
Syrkashev E.M., Solopova A.E., Bychenko V.G., Burov A.A., Podurovskaya Y.L, Gus A.I.

The impact of artificial intelligence in radiology: as perceived by medical students
Kasetti P., Botchu R.


MRI in the diagnosis of age-related small vessel disease: instruction for radiologist
Kremneva E.I., Suslin A.S., Dobrynina L.A., Krotenkova M.V.

Molecular imaging of thoracic aortic aneurysm inflammation: a review of clinical and experimental studies
Ilyushenkova J.N., Sazonova S.I.

Overview of approaches to breast cancer screening in Russia and in the world
Drzhevetskaya K.S.

The role of CT in the diagnosis of anastomotic leakage in cancer surgery.
Kholeva A.A., Silanteva N.K., Agababian T.A., Skoropad V.Yu., Sokolov P.V., Ivanov S.A.

Formation and development of postmortem radiological research in the world and in Russia
Tumanova U.N.


Post-mortem computer tomography of the mummified сorpse of a child
Dubrova S.E., Chumakova Yu.V., Kislov M.A., Korotenko O.A., Serova N.S.

First results of intraoperative navigation based on CT and MRI data in a patient with a ceptum pellucidum tumor.
Kolsanov A.V., Zelter P.M., Hobta R.V., Chaplygin S.S., Manukyan A.A.

Possibilities of CT in detection of portal cavernoma, differential diagnosis with adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head
Trofimova T.N., Druzina M.M., Belikova M.Ya.

Metastases of sigmoid colon cancer into the ovary: difficulties in diagnostics and treatment planning
Evseeva E.V., Streltsov Yu.A., Leontiev A.V., Danilov M.A., Abdulatipova Z.M., Baichorov A.B., Zvirkun V.V.

Tibial spine avulsion fracture in the elderly.
Kasetti P., Beale D., Botchu R.


Shekhter Anatoly Ilyich


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